Meet the Team

Meet the team

Lia Gomez-Perez

Chief executive officer

Lia Gomez-Perez is a second year student at The Ohio State University working toward a major in Biomedical Engineering and minors in Business and Computer & Information Science through the Integrated Business & Engineering Honors Program. By combining these fields, Lia hopes to make a significant impact on patients’ quality of life by developing both innovative and feasible healthcare solutions. She is originally from Montevideo, Uruguay and immigrated to Shaker Heights, Ohio when she was 6 years old. As an immigrant and once a limited English proficiency (LEP) individual herself, Vocalize Columbus’ mission to improve LEP patient care and experience is a personal one.

Ian Thompson

Chief technical officer

Ian Thompson is a sophomore at The Ohio State University. He is majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, with a minor in Philosophy. Ian is interested in using software as a powerful tool to help the most vulnerable among us by providing software that is not only ethical but directly beneficial to those that need it most.

Joe Ziegler

president of board

Joe Ziegler is a sophomore at The Ohio State University, majoring in Biology with a minor in Spanish.  Growing up in Spain, he developed an interest in medicine and public health, training and leading a team of medical interpreters that helped treat more than 3000 patients over the course of 3 years on medical missions to South America.  With this experience, and the knowledge of the struggles faced by individuals trying to navigate the healthcare system in an unfamiliar language, he hopes to help even the playing field for LEP patients in the Columbus area.

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Harrshavasan Congivaram

chief administrative officer

Harrshavasan Congivaram is a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Science with a minor in Neuroscience. Following undergrad, Harrsha plans to pursue a career in research focusing on neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s while also taking a physician’s role. His experiences working with patients in foreign countries has made him aware of how important communication is for patient outcomes. Through Vocalize Columbus, Harrsha hopes to improve the current understanding of health disparities in order to clear the path towards equity in medicine.

Anthony Moussa

chief analytics officer

Anthony Moussa is a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Science at The Ohio State University. Following undergrad, Anthony plans to work towards a profession as a physician-investigator. He hopes to improve health outcomes through leading a research lab while also attending to patients in the clinic. With his Colombian and Lebanese background, Anthony has had meaningful service experiences in patient care in the US and abroad which have made him aware of medical challenges stemming from health disparities. He enjoys mentoring homeless youth at Star House in Columbus and volunteering at La Clinica Latina, a Spanish free clinic. Anthony strives to further the goals of Vocalize Columbus in the pursuit of health equity.

Sarah Grace Smith

chief marketing officer

Sarah Grace Smith is a second year student at The Ohio State University double majoring in English (creative writing concentration) and History with minors in Music and Professional Writing. In the future, Sarah Grace dreams of being an author, but for now she works on writing short stories and exploring the publishing industry. Since a young age, she has had a heart for social justice and assisting others, and she has led initiatives to spread awareness about human trafficking, sexual assault, and gun violence.

Drew Dilcher

Chief Financial Officer

Drew Dilcher is a second- year student at The Ohio State University majoring in accounting. Growing up in Chicago, he interned at a behavioral hospital over the past three summers, developing an interest in using his talents to help people in need. In addition, he is excited to use his talents in order to help out an organization that can assist and improve LEP patient care.